How to Install Whatsapp Jio Mobile and activate.


Jio has become a hot topic from the past 2 years due to the 1 year free internet with high speed data. Jio was launced by the reliance group. This launch as changed the faith of the telecom sector. Whatsapp is one of the most usefull app for all the users. So to install whatsapp Jio Mobile follow the below process.

How to Install whatsapp Jio Mobile?
First open the menu in the Jio Mobile. Open the broswer in the Jio Mobile in google enter “cross broswer testing”. After entering click on search, select on the first website cross broswer testing tool: 1500+ real broswers and devices.

After entering into the website if you double click it would zoom and if you double click again it would zoom out. Then you need to subscribe and then you would be able to see some options below. Select the light testing option and you should run the light test.

Then you can see an url tab. In url you need to type and need to select chrome and you should click run test button at the end of the url tab.Then you would be able to see the request session displayed on the screen. After couple of minutes you can see the QR scan code.

This QR scan code is to activate your whatsapp in Jio Mobile. Then through your smart phone you need to scan the code on jio mobile. This procedure helps you to install Whatsapp in Jio Mobile.


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